TAK Tractors

The Showroom and Equipment:

TAK Tractors is the product of a deliberate strategy of TAK Continental to consolidate its leadership position in Nigeria’s agro-allied industrial sector. TAK Tractors has built on tractor assembly plant in Kaduna, Nigeria with the capacity to produce 30 tractors a day. Embedded in the factory is a training school capable of producing 120 skilled mechanics and operators a year.

The range of TAk brand of tractors include TAK50, TAK75 and TAK90. Each tractor has a full complement of accessories ranging from Mowers, Ridgers, Ploughs, Threshers, Rotovators, Reapers, Trailers, Disc Harrows, Cultivators, Loaders, Planters, etc.

Six Regional Service Centers are planned and two of the Service Centers are already in various stages of completion.