Products & Services


    Alternative financing (non-cash credit) for input and services. We, provide agriculture inputs (improved seeds, agro chemicals, and fertilizers), farm mechanization / tractor services, etc.


    Coaching & technical support for result oriented / precision farming. Educating farmers on best practices on how to achieve maximum productivity, monitoring & evaluation, dissemination of innovative agriculture information.


    Produce Off-take harvest from our participating farmers. We facilitate off-take to ensure the completion of the value chain cycle for the farmer.


    Input Supply:

    TAK Integrated supplies agricultural inputs, primarily seed, fertilizer and agrochemicals, these have an enormous potential to leverage the efforts of hard-working farmers. Used appropriately, they can mean the difference between a good harvest and a bad one.
    Improving input supply is also about more than new seeds and fertilizer. It is also about innovative ways to incorporate input supply into the value chain and make the chain itself more competitive.

    Farm Mechanization:

    TAK Integrated provides tractor services for land preparation and other farm implements for planting, crop protection, irrigation, harvesting and post-harvest processing.




    Extension Services:

    TAK Integrated provides technical and advisory services to encourage improved practices amongst our out grower farmers, capacity building and mentorship programmes, monitoring and evaluation to enhance agricultural production.

    Produce Off-Take:

    TAK Integrated provides harvest and post-harvest facilitation. We also off take the produce of our out grower farmers at competitive prices. We complete the full value chain for the farmer..