About Us


TAK Integrated Agricultural Solutions Limited started operations in 2013 as an out-grower scheme under TAK Agro Seed Limited. It eventually evolved into an independent entity and was formally incorporated as a company in June 2015.

TAK Integrated is an agriculture services company that provides farmers with an end-to-end support package to facilitate primary production activities for optimum output. The company operates largely through partnership with farmers in the following categories:

Individuals or companies operating farms on commercial basis..

Smallholder farmers (with land holding measuring between 0.25ha to 5ha) aggregated into clusters / groups, or members of crop producers associations e.g. Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria (RIFAN), Sesame Seed Farms Association, etc.

TAK-IASL has developed a unique programme on employment creation through agriculture enterprise development. This scheme is known as the “TAK Model”.


To deliver exceptional value, through superior service and high quality products, while achieving positive health, environmental, and economic impact in our pursuit of food security across Africa.


To be the leading one stop centre company in the Food and Agro Allied Industry across Sub-Saharan Africa.

How does TAK Integrated operate?

TAK-IASL leverages on the resources of companies within and outside the TAK Group (fertilizer & chemical suppliers, tractor services, improved seeds, technical support and extension agents) to provide support / services to its partners on credit basis and recovers its cost at harvest.