Ginger Summit

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Ginger Summit

TAK Integrated in collaboration with USAID/Nigeria Export Promotion Council/NEXIM Bank & Unity Bank. First ever ginger submit in Nigeria. Nigeria is ranked as the third largest exporter of ginger in the world after China and India, Nigeria’s ginger is said to be the best in the world with Kaduna State as its major producer. However, this position is being challenged by the rise of other global players in the ginger market. This threat comes at a time when Nigeria’s support in the area of research and funding is inadequate.

To maintain our top position in the business of ginger, Nigeria needs to;

  • Secure its market share
  • Reinforce ginger growing culture
  • Update quality controls and standards for
  • Create an enabling environment for funding and research.

A lot is to be gained from strengthening Nigeria’s position as a top exporter of ginger which includes generation of revenue and job creation.


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