Welcome to Tak-Integrated Limited

TAK Integrated Agriculture Solutions Limited (TAK-Integrated) was incorporated in June 2015 as an agriculture services company with the aim of providing farming support to small and medium scale farmers under an out-grower scheme arrangement.TAK Integrated  provides farmers with an end-to-end support package to facilitate primary production activities for optimum output. The company operates largely through partnership with farmers We specializes in providing credit support to small holder farmers to enable them to achieve their farming objectives.

What We Do


As an agricultural service company we focus primarily on agricultural production through the promotion of out grower farming scheme.

Farm Mechanization

We are one of the foremost and leading tractor assembly company in Nigeria located in Kaduna. (Tractors assembly and Farm mechanization services)

Fertilizer & Chemicals

We are the Largest supplier of NPK fertilizer to the Nigerian market, operates 5 blending plants and a Sulphur acid plant with a combined installed capacity to blend 1,000,00 metric tons per annum.

Seed Farm

We have bulk Storage (Silos) and Warehouse Facilities all across the country – Tak has a combine storage capacity of 300,000 metric tons spread in 5 locations namely Kebbi, Abuja, Jigawa, Kwara and Kaduna.


Also, we are into haulage and logistics operations with several warehouses, trucks under an organized transporters scheme. Tak Logistics also handles mobile bulk bagging operation at the port facility in Lagos


we are into commodity trading both within the country and outside the shores of Nigeria.

Our Competences

TAK – Integrated has acquired relevant competencies in agro – commodities trading and export focusing on these commodities (Ginger, Rice, Hibiscus, Cashew, Turmeric, Tiger nuts, Maize, Sesame Seed and Cowpea).These competencies were developed through active participation in all aspect of the commodity value chain over a period of 3 years.

Input Support Services

Tractor Hiring Fertilizer & Chemical Supply

Farm Services

Farm Mechanization Seed Multiplication Contract Farming Direct Farming Partnership with Commercial Farmers

Out-grower Support Services

Collaboration with Developmental & Governmental Agencies Advisory & Consultancy Services

Commodity Trading

Local Farm Produce Supply Farm Produce Exports


Our Unique Solution

Our solution offering is unique because it provides support across the value chain and encapsulates the funding and coaching support for farmers without the difficulties associated with securing credit facilities from Banks in Nigeria today. We provide end-to-end support across the value chain to include::

Specific Service Rendering

  • Land Clearing services
  • Agro Input supply (Seedlings, Agro Chemical & Fertilizer)
  • Farm Mechanization support
  • Farm management support (weed control)
  • Harvest services & Storage

Produce Buy Back

At the end of the farming season Tak Integrated off-takes the produce harvested by
its participating farmers as a means of recovering its loan.


The farming support provided by Tak Integrated is funded through resources provided by companies within the Group (TAK Agro & Chemical Fertilizer), TAK Tractors and Tak Asset Management).

Our Vision & Mission

To be the top agric business leading the quest for food security in Africa
To create a modern robust fully integrated business covering the entire agricultural value chain by leveraging on own and affiliate resources

Our Strategic Goals

Our solution offering is unique because it provides support across the value chain and encapsulates the funding and coaching support for farmers without the difficulties associated with securing credit facilities from Banks in Nigeria today. We provide end-to-end support across the value chain to include::

1. Maintain a leadership position in input supply to farmers across Nigeria and West Africa
2. Become a leading catalyst in the production of 5 target crops (Ginger, Turmeric, Sesame Seed, Hibiscus and Cashew) in Nigeria.
3. Develop adequate primary and secondary storage capacity to serve the group
4. Develop strategic processing capacity for our target crops.
5. Form strategic alliance and partnership that will facilitate efficient off-take of produce after harvest from farmers.
6. Position ourselves to be the net exporters of the target crops.

Our Core Values

Brand Quality

We are committed to achieving excellence and best possible standards in our product quality and services, painstakingly giving attention to details in every step we take

Customer Loyalty

Transforming customers into our ambassadors at every contact with our products and services. Repeat purchase driven by utmost customer satisfaction is our goal. We shall continue to work tirelessly to earn the loyalty, faith, and confidence of our customers on a sustainable basis.


Teamwork, dedication and mutual respect across all the employee cadres lies our core values. We are very passionate about what we do.


Delivery at all times on contracts, agreements, undertakings and assurances has always assumed priority consideration in all our dealings with customers, employees, government regulatory agencies and all stakeholders. We have total trust and confidence in one another.

Our Business Expansion Strategy

In extending the frontiers of our out-grower partnership programme with farmers across the Nation, we have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for with farmers associations and corporate/ individual farmers to support their members;

i. Wheat Farmers Association of Nigeria (WFAN), Kano State Chapter for the cultivation of 5,000ha of wheat farm.
ii. The Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria
iii. Sesame Seed farmers association of Nasarawa State,
iv. National Cotton Farmers Association of Nigeria
v. Gingers growers and Marketers
vi. Association of Cashew Farmers Aggregators and processors of Nigeria and many other private out grower facilitators .

Our Contribution to Social & Economic Development

  • Schemes for economic empowerment through agriculture

  • Gainful and sustainable employment

  • Entrepreneurial skill development and training

  • Increased crop production leading to Food security

  • Alternative (non-cash) financing for agricultural value chain

Our Clients